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ABOUT US > In the Foundation for Development Innovation and Technology, (FUNDITEC), we strongly believe that economic and social development can only be achieved if our society manages to build a befitting environment in which new ideas, innovative solutions and technology tools can be generated.

For the last eight years, Funditec as a national foundation has been committed to stimulating and fostering innovation and technology advancement as key propellers for social and economic promotion. Always bearing this objective in mind, Funditec has played an active role in the development, management and coordination of a significant number of projects, acting in close collaboration with Public Administration Agencies, enterprises, regional, local and International entities, Research Centres, Universities and Third Sector actors.

You may see in this document the way in which Funditec, a dynamic and innovative foundation, has devoted its activities to offer a new lead in shaping innovation policies and practices.

We are very proud of our contribution to economic and social development and we hope to continue increasing our level of activity, launching new initiatives and deepening our knowledge of those factors that trigger, most effectively, innovation economic and social development.

Funditec is open to collaborate in any way that allows our foundation to keep exploring new opportunities to tackle future challenges.

WE ARE > Foundation for Development and Technological Innovation (FUNDITEC) is a non-for-profit-foundation that works as a leader, coordinator, advisor and an expert source of information for projects involving Technology, Innovation and Science.   MISSION > Funditec has as final mission to contribute to economic and social development via the promotion of technology and innovation.   COLLABORATION > Funditec acts as a catalysing agent for the territorial socio-economic development with the capability of bringing together the requirements and needs of the different stakeholders and partners involved in the projects.

Economic Promotion Policy
• Scientific and Technological
    Innovation Policy

• Employment and Training policies
• Advice for social organizations,
    private and public bodies

• Entrepreneur development
   □ Reorientation
   □ Cluster strategies
   □ Cooperation actions
   □ CSR
   □ Management R+D+I system
   □ Intellectual Property projects
   □ Technological transferred projects
   □ Inter-exchange of good practice
  policies in R+D+I
Gender equality
   □ Sustainable energies
   □ Green technologies

* Third Sector actors in the fields of innovation policy development, cooperative projects, SMEs support among many other social and economic areas
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